Kevin Braun Strikes a Deal

Kevin Braun Strikes a Deal

October 28, 2022

Kevin has paid his dues over the years and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. We're in this for skateboarding and the skaters out there following their dreams. When Dilo wanted to link up with Braun for the team, there was no hesitations to strike a deal. We hopped in the car and headed to SF to skate and spend some time sipping snake bites and playing pool. We are stoked to welcome Braun to the brand and look forward to the future. BTW best dude out there.

"I’m happy to finally have a home for my feet! I feel honored to have a place on a team alongside Bryan Herman and Dilo. It feels surreal to be included in a lineup with skateboarders of that caliber. I want to thank Dilo, Dennis, and Bryan for being down to have me be a part of the brand. It really means a lot." Braun

"I’ve always fucked with Braun. He skates hard and lets it speak for him. So hyped this worked out and he is now rolling with us.” Dilo

Dedicated to restoring authenticity in the skateboard industry, Hours is Yours pays homage to the legends that have inspired us while creating opportunity for future generations. HOURS IS YOURS Collection II incapsulates our brand ethos of color and design style. Combining fashion-forward silhouettes with a tonal color palette, these skate and semi casual styles set the stage for what’s to come. We think of them as “Future Classics.”

Music: Guns N' Roses November Rain Instrumental

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