Cohiba L30 Sneak Peak

Hours is yours Cohiba L30 by Dennis Martin and Bryan Herman

June 25, 2021

Hours is yours Cohiba L30 By Dennis Martin

Designed in the 1930's the Penny Loafer has had many moments in history and has become a staple in casual footwear. I remember these hit big in the 80's fashion scene and had to have a pair. As one of our signature silhouettes the Cohiba style comes in three different shapes and outsole options. Here is a sneak peek of the Cohiba L30 in all black suede. More colors included in Collection 1

Designed by Dennis Martin as a nod to Vintage Penny Loafers.

"Modern Classics"

Casual luxury loafer, Formal loafer, Suede loafers


Anonymous said:

Damn these are so clean. Cant wait to get my hand on some!!

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